I fell in love with a Pinot Noir tonight: J. Scott Cellars Pinot Noir

J Scott CellarsAttending a performance art event tonight, I grabbed a glass of the J. Scott Cellars Pinot Noir on my way to chat with friends before the show, and nearly slowed down in my tracks after the first sip. The wine was pure berries and cream, people, devoid of the alcohol I so disdain in some of the Pinots I have tasted in the past (although it comes in at a wopping 14.9%!). I have been hard-pressed to find a Pinot Noir I like that doesn’t taste like a watered down version of a bigger, bolder red.

J. Scott Cellars defied my previous experiences with lesser Pinots by offering me a wine that was delicious and well-balanced. And it is made in my own backyard! I also tasted the Cabernet Sauvignon and the Rousanne, both of which I thoroughly enjoyed, but the Pinot Noir was by far my favorite of the night. If you have been searching for a lesser-known Oregon wine to sample, I suggest locating a bottle of J. Scott Cellars Pinot Noir. I guarantee you will enjoy it.

J Scott Cellars

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