Tar-jay Wine Find: Hogue Cellars Fumé Blanc 2008

Living in the Pacific Northwest next to the lovely wine-producing areas in Washington and Oregon has its advantages. This became especially apparent to me on a recent trip to Tar-jay (or as some people call it, Target…lame). While I took a gander down the wine aisle, I discovered an array of Washington and Oregon wines at some graduate-student friendly prices. Hogue is a familiar “face” on many wine shelves nationwide, but I grabbed a bottle of its Fumé Blanc at the recommendation of a friend. I could spare $5.99 to give myself the opportunity to possibly find a new favorite, under-$10 wine.

The Hogue Fumé Blanc is heavy on the citrus, a characteristic I often find in Washington whites, and has a bite of minerality and spritz. It is very acidic, almost beyond my comfort level of acid in white wines, and a touch sour.  This fades as the wine breathes in my glass, and as I pair with some fatty munchies of macadamia nuts. I like that this wine is dry and refreshing, like sipping a margarita next to the pool on a hot day. For a six-dollar wine find, I have to give my friend kudos for suggesting the Hogue Fumé Blanc. Thanks, Britney!

[UPDATE] I drank a glass of the Hogue tonight after opening it yesterday and am getting some great hints of grapefruit, which combined with the minerality of the wine, drinks like a Vodka Greyhound with a salted rim. I’m not getting as much alcohol and acid as I did yesterday, and it is lending a really pleasant crispness that I seek out in white wines like Fumé Blanc, Dry Riesling, and Pinot Gris.

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5 Responses to Tar-jay Wine Find: Hogue Cellars Fumé Blanc 2008

  1. Ron says:

    You go super shopper. And all I thought Target was good for was Red Teddy Bears.


  2. Ben Simons says:

    That does sound like a pretty good buy for under $6. It’s always fun to find inexpensive wines that are enjoyable to drink. I do see some Hogue wines here in Texas, but I don’t think I’ve seen the Fume Blanc here.

    • mjwrites says:

      I enjoyed it, one of those great buys to go along with dinner. It’s nice to have those “daily” wines to drink between the times you enjoy a more unique bottle or something pricier.

  3. Joe says:

    Finding some good cheapies is key…we can’t drink the good stuff every night, right? For cooking, try the Target (sorry, I dig t’s) boxed- yes boxed- wine. The sauv blanc will keep fresh for weeks, and you gotta be able to stomach you cooking wine in a glass, too. It’s not gonna blow you away, but it’s not terrible.

    If you want some great white values (in that $6-8 range), check out Spanish whites…Catalunya, Rioja, even Airen-based wines from La Mancha are drinkable for the tiny price.

    Cheers! Joe @suburbanwino

    • mjwrites says:

      Hey Joe! I won’t hold it against you for pronouncing it the “correct” way haha. Thank you for the recommendations, and I also absolutely love Spanish wines, both red and white. In fact, it is what I usually tell people to purchase when they are hunting for a tasty wine in the under-$10 category. Can you share some specific ones you have enjoyed?

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