Juicy Napa Cab: 2003 Stone’s Throw Cabernet Sauvignon

“Let the wine speak for the vineyard. Don’t doctor it with excess oak and wine making technique.” – Thoma Family Wine Philosophy

I picked up a bottle of Stone’s Throw Cabernet Sauvignon from Sundance Wine Cellars a couple weeks ago and decided this was the weekend to finally crack it open. I know, I know. Some of you are so completely over Napa, but rampant kitsch marketing and annoyingly cute labels aside, this Cab was delish. Stone’s Throw Vineyards is a small family operation in the Rutherford Viticulture Area, and you have to love their “simple truths,” three golden rules for making wine that juxtapose good ol’ fashion American work ethic with the daily drinking habits of our Old World kin. This wine boasts a welcoming balance of acid, alcohol, and tannins. Black pepper and berries up front roll into creamy and caramelly on the mid-palette, a taste that does not fade too quickly or shrivel into a hot bitter mess on the back of your tongue. For $13 bucks, the Stone’s Throw Cab would be a welcome guest at any dinner party (or help take the edge off the pressures of grad school, in my case!).

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