Franciscan Chardonnay 2007

During a recent trip to my friendly neighborhood Costco, I spied a bevy of great wines tucked away in the back of the store for me, of course, to pounce on and ogle until my boyfriend forced me to make up my mind. Oregon wines at the Costco near my house in Arizona are exorbitantly priced, but at the store in Oregon the cost of well-known, quality wines from the Pacific NW fit nicely in this graduate student’s not-so-Bordeaux budget. On my visit, I purchased two Chardonnays. I suppose I was feeling lucky, because until now I have been disappointed with the ones I have tried (extending beyond those profiled on Vininsane, which we all knew were going to suck in the first place). I chose a Franciscan Chardonnay 2007 from Napa Valley, and an Eola Hills Reserve Oregon Chardonnay 2008. The latter I have not cracked open yet and will post on that in the future. My first impression of the Franciscan upon opening it tonight was…


The instant I uncorked the bottled, blasts of pear and vanilla wafted at me, sans the alcohol nose I have experienced with Chardonnays in the past. The first sip resounded with hints of honeysuckle, a touch of acid, and settled soft and just the slightest bit oaky on my tongue. The wine possesses some of that minerality I got in the French Chardonnay I tasted over the weekend. While there is not much of a lingering taste,  this fact does not ultimately detract me liking this wine. Franciscan is a California vineyard that has an amazing legacy in Napa, and for $12-$13, the 2007 Chardonnay is both reasonably priced and tasty. You can read more about the history of Franciscan Oakville Estate Winery by clicking here.

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  1. Ron says:

    What a very, very cool picture, and a very warm. post.


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