I’m taking the challenge…the Cheap Wine Challenge that is!

The lovely Raelinn at Wine Ophelia has announced the Cheap Wine Challenge for all us wine bloggers to geek out over. The contest info and rules read as follows:

Ok Wine Bloggers… BRING IT! Pick out your favorite nationally available wine under $10 and post your tasting notes on your blog. Share it on Twitter by this Friday, January 15 at midnight EST. Then we are shooting for Thursday, January 21 at 8pm (hoping that is late enough for our West Coast friends!!) for a live BIG BLIND tasting of our favorites! The idea is to get together with a bunch of your friends, taste the wines we have notes for and pick your favorite! The purpose? Share a bunch of inexpensive but really tasty wines with the masses and have a whole lot of fun while we do it! Be sure to use the hashtag #cheapwinechallenge when you talk about it on Twitter!

With my new wine store find this past weekend, Sundance Wine Cellars, I have no doubt I will achieve maximum success in this challenge. I am also giddy as a schoolgirl to find out what some of my favorite wine bloggers will bring to the table and what the blind taste test will bring. Oregon friends, who wants to help me?! Email me…mjwritesblog (at) gmail.com. Hooray for wine challenges!


(My challenge for you? Follow me and say hi on Twitter: @ mjfreelance.)

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2 Responses to I’m taking the challenge…the Cheap Wine Challenge that is!

  1. Ben Simons says:

    Looking forward to what everyone comes up with for this one. I was planning on going shopping for my bottle tonight (out of cheap wine at the house), but I have been sick yesterday and today. Hoping I can get back in the saddle tomorrow and go grab something.

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