Before & After: Experimental tasting of two Spanish wines, Part Deux

Scoping out the Spanish wines

Tonight is the night! I have finally sat down to conduct part deux of my experimental tasting of two Spanish wines after an exciting weekend that included a visit from my bf, wine tasting and karaoke with friends, and a nerve-racking playoff game between the AZ Cardinals, my beloved team, and the Packers. I was planning to put together a sweet and simple little video of the follow up tasting, but must admit my best platform is the written word, not waxing poetic about wine via a homemade iMovie production. Without further ado, here is the second of a two-part post (part 1 can be read by clicking here). 

The Verdict…
Both of these wines played hard to get from the beginning, mellowed out after a couple days of being open, and are now giving off hints of that alcohol nose that turned me off so much when I first opened them. Surprisingly, they smell as they did last Wednesday. The difference between now and then emerges in the first sip. The Don Ramon is juicy albeit a bit tannic as I picked up on my initial tasting of it. However, while I previously tasted more red berry, I now agree with the label that the wine resembles blackberries moreso than the strawberry/cranberry combo I guessed before. The Borsao, although my favorite in part one of my experiment, has not held up as well over a four-day period, burns the nose as I take a sip, and tastes–do I dare say?–somewhat bland. It has lost some of that oomph I initially enjoyed about it. My vote for a good, inexpensive Spanish wine between these two is the Don Ramon. I found it at a Trader Joe’s in Eugene for a wopping $7, and it is a dependable, good ol’ fashion daily red table wine. I think I will proceed with pouring myself a well-deserved glass to accompany dinner now, thank you very much.

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