Pack Your Bags! Plan to Attend the 2010 Wine Bloggers Conference

Join hordes of fellow wine bloggers in Walla Walla, Washington the weekend of June 25 to 27 for an extravaganza of wine, networking, break-out sessions, seminars…and did I mention wine? If you are a “Citizen Blogger” like moi, the cost is $95, plus hotel and transportation. This is an unbelievably cool opportunity and as it is only six hours driving distance from me, I’m thinking I may ask for it as an early birthday gift! If you are serious about your wine blog, even if it is simply a side project or hobby, ask for a couple days from off work and head to the Pacific Northwest. I can attest that we have absolutely gorgeous summer weather and none of that rainy, drizzly mess you hear rumor of! You can’t ask for a more ideal setting to learn, network, and taste world-class wine with such a charismatic, passionate group of individuals!


  • Citizen Bloggers who write about wine or the wine industry on their own. In 2010, we are also focusing on wine & food pairing and so invite all food bloggers as well!
  • Winery Bloggers who have a winery-related blog. We will have special content tailored to winery bloggers.
  • New Media Innovators who work in the world of blogging and social media.
  • Wine Industry members who would like to learn about new media or interact with bloggers.


I hope to see you there!

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5 Responses to Pack Your Bags! Plan to Attend the 2010 Wine Bloggers Conference

  1. I’ll be there with bells on. Now I just need to find those damn bells.

  2. Allan Wright says:

    Hi Megan,

    Glad you will be joining us in Walla Walla! We are already 1/3 full, so any of your readers planning to join us should book soon. See you in June.

    Allan Wright
    Conference Organizer

  3. mjwrites says:

    Sadly, I have just realized that I have a family obligation the same weekend. I’m happy to be with my family, but bummed I will be missing out on this wonderful opportunity! I hope everyone has a great time and I will be stalking everyone’s blogs afterward for all the scoop!

  4. Ben Simons says:

    I’m super excited! I’ve been making a lot of friends over the last few months that I will finally get to meet in beautiful Walla Walla! Look forward to seeing you there.

  5. Ben Simons says:

    Bummer, didn’t see the news that you wouldn’t be able to make it to #WBC10 before I posted. You will be missed, but family does come first.

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