Happy New Year, lovelies!

Happy New Year! I enjoyed a wonderful dinner and Italian red wine last night with my family, and hope you welcomed 2010 in grand style as well. I am thoroughly enjoying my foray into the wonderful world of all things wine (seriously, love it), look forward to learning so much more in the coming year…and sharing it all on Vininsane! Some things I’m looking forward to writing:

  • More wine reviews, which means more additions to My Wine Cellar pages, and (unfortunately) probably more on my blacklist. I welcome any and all suggestions of  wines you think a budding oenophile like myself should taste, or tweet me at @mjfreelance.
  • More Wine Words! As a hopeless lover of vocabulary, I have to throw those out there. I’m learning so much from this practice! I recently wrote a post about the word oenophile.
  • More exploration of people of interest in the wine world, those individuals I learn about as I read and educate myself about this industry. I had so much fun profiling Randall Grahm of Bonny Doon (and was giddy to receive a kind message from him about it via Twitter!).
  • More videos, and most likely re-posts of videos from Gary Vaynerchuk’s Thunder Show. I obsess over those way too much (in a good way).
  • More photos from my wine tasting travels. Fun for me, fun for you! (Next up: my first wine class in January, and hopefully wine tasting in the Willamette Valley for my birthday in February).
  • I have discovered so many wonderful blogs as I explored the amazing network of people who are involved in the wine industry. Some new favorites are Vinotology, The Oregon Wine Blog, Cuvee Corner Wine Blog, Seattle Wine Gal, SFWine blog,
    and Garagistes-in-Training (http://jbrixwine.blogspot.com). I hope to post my favorite links from these blogs and others on a weekly basis. Helps me keep track of all the experiences and knowledge these lovely individuals are sharing (and helping me learn so much!).

Thank you for following me through my journey of educating my love of wine, one post at a time on Vininsane!

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