Under-$10 Wine Review: Barefoot Chardonnay (California)

I’ve heard many people along the grapevine (I know, I know) say they enjoyed Barefoot wines, not only for the under-$10 price, but for their quality as well. Anti Wine snob had a positive thing or two to say here. I think somewhere along the way I have tried one or two bottles from Barefoot, but could not begin to remember what or when.

My dad called me from the market a little earlier today to tell me Barefoot wines were on some holiday promotion, so I sprang for the Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon, quintessential California varietals if my studying serves me right. I have not delved into the Cab yet, and am saving it later for a head-to-head challenge with another common super-market wine under $10, the Fetzer Cabernet Sauvignon. But, here goes my thoughts on the Chardonnay. Keep in mind I’m new to this but I think I got something.

Sight: Aren’t Chardonnays usually known for their rich, golden color? Help up to the light, the wine is nearly as clear as a Riesling, lacking that sunshine-meets-earth hue that I was expecting.
Smell: I think I almost got drunk from a mere first whiff. Yet, on second smell there were faint whiffs of vanilla, maybe a little pineapple but very acrid on the nose.
Taste: A sip and a swirl was really where the alcohol seemed to dissolve a bit and allow some of the fruitiness to float to the top. This is where I got that creaminess that Chardonnays are also so famous for. Not as sweet as it is acidic, I would not call this a balanced wine as it leaves an unpleasant, bitter aftertaste that lingers for quite a while. Paired with a little fruit and cheese, I think a less-expensive, weaker bodied wine like the Barefoot Chardonnay would shine.

And that folks, is the plain, simple wine truth according to moi. It’s not fact and it’s not fiction, it’s just the opinion of a girl who is educating her love of wine, one post at a time.

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