Just an ordinary Beaujolais

I remember the first time I drank a Louis Jadot Beaujolais-Villages. I remember it as light, fruit forward, and a tiny bit sweet, pleasing to the palette of someone who had just turned 21 and was slowly (and I mean slooooowly) beginning to master the art of enjoying alcohol not just chugging it. I picked up one to enjoy with the family this past Christmas Eve and I have to say, I was not impressed. Perhaps memory has “sweetened” the memory of my first Beaujolais, or else my tastes have changed because honestly, was it this alcohol-heavy before? I suddenly hear gasps from French people all around the world who adore this wine, but my opportunity to impress my family with my wine selection this year turned a little sour when I ended up being the only one really willing to take a second glass. I knew I should have gone with the 2009 Beaujolais Nouveau!

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One Response to Just an ordinary Beaujolais

  1. Katie says:

    I, too, hated this wine. I’ve never noticed dark green, cruciferous vegetable notes so strongly in a wine before. My mother and I argued as to whether we were drinking a glass of brocolli, or kale.

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